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Picture this, if you will,

Ace Arena empty, silent, and still.


Oh now! Look again!

It’s Lex and Jimmie Lyn!


There must be things to do.

Here comes Chance & Chezie

Parsons and their crew!


Is that a joke I hear?

Kirstin Carlson that barrel racing

Announcer must be near!!!


I spy the sweetest office ladies

And LaDonna Mild

Ready to help every man,

woman, and child!


Up, down

Up, down

That’s the life of Tristen, Asa, & Bradly

As barrel racers go round

And Round!!


There’s lights and bidding

sheets everywhere!

What’s going on here?

They must all have a name...

Aunt Judy, Aunt Jo, Uncle Dick, and Aunt Jane!!


Finding Megan and Jase is like looking for Waldo,

But don’t worry they’re there,

I know!


Jeanette and Ronnie Scott

head this pack

They deserve a pat

on the back!!


Now look again

If you will

At Ace Arena full of love,

no longer silent, empty, and still.



Is what the “Kelsey Mae Davis

Memorial Live Life to Fullest

Barrel Race” is all about……

So in 2024 y’all come on out!!!

Merry Christmas from
LL2F and our Crew!

LL2F Barrel Race

October 19-20, 2024
ACE Arena
Andrews, Texas

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