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Kelsey Mae Davis

October 30, 1982 - June 12, 2006

Kelsey was born on October 30, 1982. She grew up with three siblings that spent much of their time together playing "rodeo", farming with toy tractors, reading, milking goats, roping each other, learning about Jesus, and always on horseback. It was evident from early on that Kelsey had a special bond with horses. It all started with a paint pony, Heifer, and it continued throughout her life.

Upon graduation from Loving High School in Loving, New Mexico, Kelsey entered college and had a very busy life that included an intern job, training barrel horses, and college rodeo. She was very involved in Emmaus walks. Somehow, she found time for others and was very aware of the preciousness of family and friends. Kelsey had an innate quality to cause others to laugh and make peace, no matter what the situation might be.

At twenty-three years old, on June 12, 2006, Kelsey changed her address from Earth to Heaven. Kelsey was a young lady that loved the Lord. She was highly respected by her horses and the rodeo community. Kelsey was a fixer, when there was a problem, she would work all sides to ensure a resolution. Quite, but with an air of confidence, her horses responded to the soft hands and willingness to allow them to learn. Many so called tough horses that people had given up on and those horses that had even given up on themselves were taught to build their confidence back and both the horse and their rider would find satisfaction and success. The Lord and horses... that IS Kelsey Mae!

For persons in need of furthering their education, Kelsey is still giving through the LL2F Barrel Race. In 2012, the first annual barrel race was held in memory of Kelsey Mae. Because of such amazing donors and the spectacular turnout at the barrel race, we were able to award five $3500 scholarships to individuals in need of assistance.

The last words Kelsey left us with were, "Remember, Be Bold and Live Life to the Fullest." Now you know why Nancy Riley named Kelsey's race "LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST" Barrel Race!

The mission of the Live Life to the Fullest Barrel Race is to promote good sportsmanship, produce an excellent barrel race and raise money for career tech and academic scholarships. With discipline, perseverance, hard work and a desire to help others, we are accomplishing our goals. We will continue to 

"Be Bold and Life Life to the Fullest."

LL2F Barrel Race

October 19-20, 2024
ACE Arena
Andrews, Texas

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